“How do I stay awake during meetings?”

Genesys Works young professionals ask tough questions and get college advice once a week.

Amid today’s mounting frustration related to the continuing economic crisis, Genesys Works students prove that a little R&R goes a long way. In this case, students Reconvene with their Program Coordinator once per week as a way to connect with, share, and develop the Resources available to them.

On Tuesday and Wednesday evenings during the school year students take an extra two hours out of a busy week of school and work to attend Genesys Works Career and College Connections meetings. It’s their chance to ask questions in a safe environment, get to know each other outside of their internships, and work on college applications and scholarships. The students like the opportunity to learn about their work environment in a less intimidating setting. It’s typical to overhear students during our professional round tables ask their program coordinators the questions they may not be ready to ask their supervisors. “What do I do when I run out of work to do?” and “What are good strategies for keeping awake during meetings?” were a couple inquiries at a recent Tuesday night class.  At Genesys Works, we really believe that it’s important for students to have a safe space to ask anything while professionally developing. When you think about it, that’s the way we all learned about professionalism: through trial and error, asking lots of questions, and messing up from time to time.

Rigorous college preparation is the other advantage to these weekly CCC meetings. While the summer sessions provide Genesys Works students with a structured curriculum on professionalism and IT skills to prepare them for their internships, the weekly CCC classes during the year help students to focus on the tangible steps of the college application process to ensure that they reach their higher education aspirations and professional goals. Although students are already getting a taste of corporate America through their internships, going to college will ensure that those professional dreams become reality. The sessions cover everything from the various parts of a college application and the ACT, to financial aid and scholarships, to available career choices.
All in all, the weekly Career and College Connections sessions provide students with a little extra guidance and support, in a safe and engaging environment. 

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