Impactful Partnership: Genesys Works and Saint Paul Public Schools

When Genesys Works chose the Twin Cities as its first expansion site in 2008 we immediately found a strong ally in the Saint Paul Public Schools.  Through the commitment of Traci Gauer and others, plans were laid out to recruit a cohort of twenty students from three high schools to be the first class of GWTC Young Professionals.  

Saint Paul Superintendent Valeria Silva with Genesys Works Class 4 students
Now in 2011, Genesys Works - Twin Cities has grown to 114 students from over twenty different high schools in six different school districts, yet Saint Paul Public Schools continues to be one of our greatest supporters with 68  students participating this year.  Over the past four years we have received support from many wonderful teachers, counselors and leaders within the high schools, and were especially pleased this summer when Superintendent Valeria Silva came to speak to students on the first day of summer training when she encouraged students to show committed to Genesys Works, their education and their futures. With this great support, we wanted to sit down and learn more about why SPPS invests in this partnership.

Genesys Works: How does Saint Paul Public Schools benefit from its partnership with Genesys Works?

SPPS: Saint Paul Public Schools benefits from Genesys Works providing summer training for the sixty-eight students from Central, Como Park, Harding, Highland Park, Humboldt and Johnson Senior High Schools that participated in the program.  It's a rigorous eight-week program that provides training in IT technology, as well as the professional, personal and social skills that we believe truly fosters the students' growth into well-rounded employees and professional adults.

Genesys Works: What do you see as the greatest benefits for the students that participate in the program?

SPPS: Genesys Works provides marketable job skills to our students and transforms them into capable and confident adults through the summer training program.  After training, Genesys Works finds paid internships for the students for the upcoming school year in the IT departments of large corporations.  We're so lucky to have this service from Genesys Works.

Genesys Works:  What words of wisdom would you share with the Genesys Works students as they start their senior year of high school, their internships and begin planning for their future?

SPPS: We are so proud of your accomplishments and know that you will represent Saint Paul Public Schools well!  This is a fabulous start.  Further education, the networks you develop from this point on, plus your attitude and perseverance, will be your keys to fabulous opportunities in the future.

Genesys Works:  Are there any other thoughts you'd like to share about Genesys Works?

SPPS:  We are so thankful to have this partnership.  Witnessing the transformation of the students into confident professional adults is amazing.  This is just another example of how strongly linked our schools and the community really are.  We have to work together!

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