Feeling Like Spider-Man

Gina with her supervisor Aaron Granberg
Gina Xiong, a Genesys Works Young Professional, attends Brooklyn Center High School while taking classes at the University of Minnesota. After completing eight rigorous weeks of IT and professional skills training and now working as an intern with the University of Minnesota Foundation, she shares her “breakthrough” opportunity. 

What company do you work for? Which department?

I work in the Information Systems and Research Department. The U of M Foundation is a fundraising organization. It manages and raises private dollars for scholarships, world-class faculty, research, new facilities, and academic programs on the five campuses of the University of Minnesota. 

What is your job and what are your responsibilities?

I work at a help desk and complete projects. My troubleshooting skills are improving and it definitely feels great after helping someone out with their problem. I am also responsible for assisting my supervisor on certain projects. We are currently working on setting up new computers for employees at the U of M Foundation. After setting up their new computers, we would take the old ones and create an image of them. Then after creating an image of the old computer, we would re-image the computer.

How is the work that you do an asset to your department?

The work that I do helps provide answers or solutions to those who have questions or problems with their computers. People are not always tech-savvy and that is why I am appointed with help desk duties. By just being there to pick up calls from those in need of help [is like being] Spider-Man with his spider-senses.

What is the next thing you want to learn at your company? How do you want to develop?

The next thing I want to learn at my company is how to take control of a computer. This is not similar to the remote desktop connection so I really want to learn it. It seems fairly easy, but then again it is a program that has to be installed on a person's computer along with yours as wells. If they do not have it, then you cannot take over their computer. I would also like to improve on my troubleshooting skills. They are not as fantastic as I would like them to be, but practice makes perfect!

Gina is interested in web development and interior design because of her creativity and imagination; she enjoys planning and laying out everything in front of her. The technical skills she have and will gain from her internship, will help her towards her goal.

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