Blue Cross Blue Shield Supports a Teammate

Chong Sean Xiong
When Chong Sean Xiong, a senior at Johnson High School and intern at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, shared his plans for his senior project, he did not expect to receive as much support and encouragement as he did from his manager and Desktop Services team at Blue Cross. After being introduced to Information Technology through Genesys Works, Sean decided that he was going to build a computer for his project. Not only is his team giving him advice on how to build the computer, they are also helping him document the process, prepare for the oral presentation of the project, and most notably, acquire and finance the resources to complete the project. 

Sean is still in disbelief.  “When I got my internship, I talked to (Steve) Otis, a team member and one of my mentors on the project about switching out of my school, and I told him about what I was going to do for my senior project. Otis said he’d buy me all the parts if I stay at Johnson and continue the senior project. So I agreed… I still haven’t figured out why the Blue Cross team is doing so much to help me when they know very little about me, which surprises me.” 

After asking Otis why he got involved with the project, he replied to Sean, “Because I see potential in you, and I know you can do it.” Georg Lester, Sean’s manager at Blue Cross adds, “Sean is one of our teammates and as such, we have the opportunity to assist him. It is our job to encourage him and demonstrate the commitment to education and work… It is important for us to help Sean grow and get excited about the next steps in his life. This project is important in reaching and setting those next steps in his professional/educational career.” Along with Georg and Otis, mentor and team member Marilyn Morrison has also been instrumental in assisting Sean with the project.

Sean Xiong with his Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota team
At Blue Cross, Sean enjoys learning and connecting with his team as he assists with wiping computers/desktops, installing software, and processing move, add, and change requests. Sean expresses that not only is he expanding his IT skills, he is also improving his communication skills as he interacts with his team and computer users at Blue Cross. Sean feels grateful for the team and opportunity he is given at Blue Cross, “The relationship between my co-workers, manager, and me is great. Georg is an awesome manager and I appreciate all the things he’s done for me; same goes for the rest of my team, especially my mentors.”

Georg has been involved with Genesys Works since 2009. When asked about his thoughts of the program, he states, “I believe it is a great opportunity for both the students and participating organizations. The ability to share the corporate world with the students to get them familiar with its responsibilities and possibilities before moving into a College program is invaluable. As an organization, the chance to allow your employees to grow their mentorship skills and develop the "next" generation is invaluable.” He also believes that it is a privilege to get to work with a Genesys Works student because he gets to play the “big brother” role. 

Sean and Georg represent one of six Young Professional-Manager pairings at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota this year.  Our heartfelt thanks to all at Blue Cross who have made these relationships possible.

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