Philanthropy on the Front Lines: Ibrahim and Troy at Dorsey

We've written much about the Genesys Works Young Professionals on this blog--the obstacles they've overcome, the incredible commitments they make to success in school and the workplace, their accomplishments as they win scholarships and move on to college. Students like Ibrahim, currently an intern at Dorsey & Whitney, do the most they can to take advantage of the opportunity Genesys Works and its corporate partners provide.

What we don't always make clear is the amount of care and energy invested into our students' experiences by the people they work with. Ibrahim's supervisor, Troy Johnson, is an especially strong example of the influence an intern's coworker can have on him. Like a normal manager, Troy assigns tasks and gives trainings to Ibrahim. But he has also acted as a mentor, inspiring Ibrahim to think big about his career and motivating him to take risks in the workplace.
Young Professional Ibrahim Hagos has developed a strong professional relationship with Troy Johnson, his supervisor at  Dorsey & Whitney.

The payoff for Ibrahim has been huge. A naturally intelligent young man who entered Genesys Works with a sincere interest in developing as a technology professional, Ibrahim has nonetheless made huge strides in self-confidence and vision for his own career under Troy. Troy's investment in Ibrahim has been transformative. Before, Ibrahim was a strong but often tentative speaker who didn't know exactly what path to take to advance his career. With the information and support he now receives from Troy, he grows in confidence daily and has his sights set on a four-year computer science degree that will kickstart his career in the tech world.

All this has lead Ibrahim to consider Troy an important figure in his life as well. So much so that when Ibrahim learned he was a finalist for the $20,000 Coca-Cola Scholars program, Troy was the first person he thought of to write a recommendation. Troy was of course happy to oblige, noting
I was honored that he asked me to write the recommendation. Ibrahim definitely has a bright future ahead of him. He still continues to impress us here each day. 
As Troy's relationship with Ibrahim shows, Genesys Works gives its corporate partners a unique opportunity to integrate a philanthropic spirit into their day-to-day business activities. Troy has played an integral role in helping Ibrahim create a platform for the best possible future.

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