A Day in the Life of Maren Rodriguez, Genesys Works Young Professional, Intern at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities

Maren Rodriguez begins each day of her senior year at Humboldt Senior High School in Saint Paul at 7:30AM. Here, she reviews material for her College in the Schools Psychology class with her friend Stephanie. 

 Maren poses with her favorite teacher at Humboldt, Ms. Melissa Chaffee. 

Around noon, Maren leaves Humboldt High School and heads to her internship at the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Information Technology Department in downtown Saint Paul.

Working with the LAN Support Team at MnSCU, Maren's day is usually filled with a variety of tasks, from assisting users with common computer problems to re-imaging computers. Her most recent accomplishment was assisting her team with MnSCU's migration to Windows 7.

Maren tackles a jammed printer at work.

Maren converses with Darrel Huish, Vice Chancellor of Information Technology Systems at MnSCU, about her college plans.

Maren sets up a new computer in the testing room.

With the mentorship of her MNSCU supervisor, Sheila Otte, Maren continues to learn and grow as a young professional. 

With her LAN Support Team, Maren continues to develop her technical and professional skills as she prepares for college, her next step towards a professional career. According to Maren, each day, Matt, Bob, Teresa, Sheila, Bill, and Sherry "inspire me to be as important as the people I work with and also to continue my education so I can be successful in the future."

Around 5:30PM, Maren heads to her Career and College Connections meeting where she discusses the results of her FAFSA, the federal application for student aid, with her Genesys Works Program Coordinator, Mai Youa Moua. 

During the Genesys Works Bring A Friend Night, Maren leads a student panel with fellow young professionals Julie Vang and Mahad Ali.

Around 8:30PM, Maren returns home to finish her homework and get ready for a new day.


  1. I love this! Pictures can be just as powerful as words for telling a story.

  2. GREAT article !!! Go Maren!!! :)

  3. Yes, pictures are the next best method to share what a day looks like for a Young Professional.