Genesys Works is Life Changing

By Peter Vue, Genesys Works Young Professional and Intern at 3M

Peter examines the inside of a computer, getting ready to disassemble it
Being a curious teenager, I want to know every thing there is to know of the ever changing and evolving technology of today and tomorrow’s world. Applying for Genesys Works, I would have never thought that I would get to be a part of such a great program, until the moment I opened that acceptance letter in the mail. I joined Genesys Works because I knew I would be guaranteed a fun, yet educational summer. I have learned that self presentation, technology and professionalism are crucial knowledge and skills to have in life. It helps you become more prepared for the professional path ahead. 

As for me, I gained these qualities during the summer of 2011, thanks to Genesys Works. That was one of the best summers of my life. I got the chance to assemble and dissemble computers. I have always been afraid to do that on my own. I was given the chance to work one on one with a highly intelligent IT professor for eight straight weeks. Information technology testing and mock interviews were provided to better prepare me for working in the real world. I was also fortunate enough to do volunteer work with an energetic and large group of young professionals at various events.

The benefits of being with Genesys Works are the opportunities that you would not find anywhere else. I have benefited plenty from Genesys Works, whether it is the fun, the people or the skills and knowledge I have obtained from the eight weeks of intensive training. Over the past many months of being a part of this wonderful program, I gained confidence like never before. I was introduced and revealed to the professional world. I continue to keep my hopes and dreams high, hoping someday to live the professional life that was first introduced to me by Genesys Works. Continuing to believe, I dream to someday earn my own spot in the professional world.

Peter with his 3M team, from left to right, Tammy Sachse, Paula Brisson, Debbie Jenny, Naomi Bliss, and Demond Byrant

Genesys Works has helped me grow and become more confident in the things that I do. I believe I am very lucky to be a part of 3M and to be working with my supervisors, Naomi Bliss and Tammy Sachse, along with the rest of my team. 3M is a great a place to be and a place that offers great experiences to young professionals. I am a Contracted Intern. My job is to check for errors of projects and correct them. Projects are constantly coming in and checking for errors is a huge responsibility. It is important that corrections are done so that there is no confusion in the future. The relationship I have with my co-workers is beyond great. I feel like we are a family placed together in cubes. The laughs and work we share helps us grow, improve and learn together. The coolest thing about working at 3M is being able to see a Minnesota found company, working and interacting with the rest of the world.

I plan to achieve a degree focusing on Computer Science or Computer Engineering. The internship at 3M has helped me decide that by providing me with the eye opening jobs available. Computer related jobs are everywhere and is visible with the ever changing technology of today. Working and handling technology every day at work has shown me how crucial technology is in our world and it will always be ever progressing. I believe it is smart to become familiar and comfortable with technology. Being educated in computer related subject can save money, time and trouble.

Peter, far right, poses with his fellow Young Professional
I believe that other high school students should join Genesys Works because it is life changing. Before Genesys Works, I was the teenager who sat on the couch thinking of what to do with my future. Today I have planned careers ahead of me, experience, and a path leading to success. Hesitation is natural but to pass a life saving opportunity is to throw away a chance at great success. If you are looking for fun, excitement and opportunities, you have to be a part of Genesys Works.

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