Beyond PC Deployment: Stacy Yang takes on business systems at Xcel

We love seeing our students and clients think creatively about the kinds of work Genesys Works interns can do. Last year, it was Lulite at the National Marrow Donor Program, who opened the doors for students in software testing roles. Now, it's Central High School student Stacy Yang pushing the envelope for her peers. She's taken on a variety of IT business operations tasks, and she has performed at the top of her game in all of them. Check out this testimonial from Xcel supervisor Kathy Toth.

Stacy has been a valuable addition to the program management team in business systems at Xcel Energy. Stacy completes contract requisitions and follows up on them through approval and issuance to our vendors. She helps complete the purchasing cycle in an expedient, compliant manner. In addition, she assists with the month end process by rolling over forecasting spreadsheets... [and] executes several other ‘as needed’ tasks with enthusiasm and willingness to learn. Stacy’s support role has assisted to focus the project managers on execution and quick, compliant processing of information technology contracts. 

Stacy has reaped the benefits of a year in her position as well. A major part of the theory behind Genesys Works is that the skills a student builds in a corporate work place--time management, analytic thinking, problem-solving--are the same ones required to succeed in college. Given the success Stacy has had as a pioneer at Xcel, she should have no problem as she enrolls at The College of St. Benedict (her likely pick) this fall. As she puts it:


Through Xcel Energy I've learned how to become an independent, innovative thinker. Along with that I am most fortunate to have a group of wonderful, supportive co-workers who never hesitate to answer my call for help.

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