Students All "Suited Up"

A big part of being a professional is to look professional. As Genesys Works students prepared to be the youngest members of their teams at work, they were determined to make good first impressions that indicate professionalism and drive.

With support from Dell employees, corporate partners, community supporters, and program alumni, our clothing drive event, Suit Up, offered professional clothing to current students to help them build their business wardrobe. At the event, young professionals were guided by volunteer "personal shoppers" as they picked from a vast selection of suits, blazers, pants, shirts, and ties. Many left with an outfit suitable for their first day of work.

The success of this event would not have been possible without the hard work and contributions of so many. Thank you to all who contributed clothing and volunteered personal time! Your support is reflected in the confidence of our students as they donned their outfits from Suit Up for Draft Day and their first day of work.

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