Presenting the First ACHIEVER Awards

This year, we were honored to present our first ACHIEVER Awards to two outstanding community members and one corporate client. ACHIEVER stands for the values we instill and reinforce in our students. We believe a positive Attitude, strong Communication skills, Honesty, willingness to take Initiative, Excellence, having a Vision for the future, Enthusiasm, and Respect help create strong leaders. The Awards recognized the leadership supporters and partners have played in providing real-world educational opportunities for Genesys Works students across the metro area. All the winners have gone above and beyond their call of duty to help Genesys Works succeed. As a way to show our appreciation for their support, we announced the winners and shared their contributions at the 2012 Breaking Through Ceremony. Awards were given out in three categories: School Partner, Corporate Partner, and Individual Contribution.

ACHIEVER Award: School Partner 
Presented to Superintendent Valeria Silva and Saint Paul Public Schools

When Genesys Works started in the summer of 2008, we had just 16 students from three Saint Paul high schools. The support of teachers, guidance counselors, principals, and the Superintendent herself have been instrumental in the growth of the Genesys Works program. Now we serve all Saint Paul public high schools. Success in Saint Paul allowed us to move into the Minneapolis Public Schools and more than a dozen other districts. 

ACHIEVER Award: Corporate Partner
Presented to Medtronic and CIO Michael Hedges 

During its four years of support as a corporate client, Medtronic has offered over 50 internship positions to our Young Professionals. Led by CIO Michael Hedges, who also serves on the Genesys Works Board of Directors, Medtronic continues to be our largest client year after year. This year alone, they employed 20 Genesys Works interns in its IT department. Medtronic has helped expand the scope of the type of work students perform, from PC deployment and help desk support to other roles, such as project management. Medtronic has set the bar high for how student interns can be successfully utilized.

ACHIEVER Award: Individual Contribution
Presented to Nick Hernandez, President and CEO of Aeritae Consulting  

In the Individual Contribution category, we recognized the individual who had the most impact on the Genesys Works program: Nick Hernandez, President and CEO of Aeritae Consulting. Nick’s support of the students and mission of Genesys Works goes well beyond his contributions as a member of our Genesys Works Board of Directors. He has introduced Genesys Works to senior leaders at potential client companies resulting in more than 40 jobs over the past two years. Nick also helped organize a special training day on ServiceNow for Genesys Works Young Professionals. Additionally, he encouraged his employees to help with developmental interviews for our students and with our Suit Up clothing drive.  

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