School Champions Help Make Recruitment Successful

January marks the start of recruitment season at Genesys Works.  With the goal of serving 250 students in this upcoming Class 6, it’s an all-hands on deck affair for the Genesys Works office.  Genesys Works staff members are giving presentations in schools and throughout the community and every young professional serves as an ambassador for the program, reaching out to friends and classmates and encouraging them to apply. Genesys Works also has a team of dedicated individuals working within each of our partner schools to promote the program.   These “School Champions” are on the front lines, reaching out to eligible high school juniors, reserving rooms for presentations, elevating publicity and helping Genesys Works become the talk of the school.  Truly, recruitment could not happen without them.

School Champions meet to discuss recruitment tactics.
At this year’s School Champion Kick-Off Event, we asked our champions why they chose to promote Genesys Works at their school and how their students benefited from participating.  Many talked about the career development skills, life experience and confidence that students gain during summer training and their internships.  Sara Linde, Guidance Counselor from Richfield High School (RHS), went on to share her appreciation for the commitment that Genesys Works has shown to RHS students throughout the years; specifically through the “consistency, stability and growth the staff of Genesys Work have shown to our students through the opportunities they provide.  Financially these students are seeing an obvious benefit, but more importantly, I have seen growth in students’ confidence and sense of responsibility.”
Others talked about the improved image of high school students and urban schools that Genesys Works young professionals create in the community and the pride that students have for the program. 

For Shirley Poelstra, Career Experience Coordinator from Edison High School, Genesys Works “gives Edison the opportunity to showcase their students and helps businesses get a chance to meet and work with our students and break down stereotypes of the school that exist.” 
Genesys Work is grateful for all of our champions in the schools and the hard work they put into raising awareness for our program and giving students the extra push they need to apply.  If you know a current high school junior who could benefit from Genesys Works, encourage them to apply online at application deadline is March 13.

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