$342k of Success at Medtronic

Kachia with Anne Coffey, IT Manager
As members of Medtronic’s IT team reviewed the renewal quotes for maintenance contracts on its Cisco equipment, they clearly did not want to pay for coverage on equipment no longer being utilized. But where to start on such an analysis? This would require a thorough review of the Cisco equipment inventory to see what was truly being utilized.  Enter Kachia Txia Cha Heu, a senior at Como Park Senior High School who works each afternoon at Medtronic as a trained Genesys Works IT technician.

Kachia spent hours scouring equipment inventory spreadsheets, doing comparisons, and checking on utilization, completing the job with her normal positive attitude and enthusiasm.  As a result of her work helping to identify decommissioned units and redundant entries, Medtronic was able to save a whopping $342,370 on its maintenance contract renewal.  Talk about return on investment!

Kachia is just one of 12 Genesys Works students working each day as contributing members of Medtronic’s IT team.  And as highlighted by Vandy Johnson, Medtronic’s VP of Global IT Infrastructure, it is a mutually beneficial partnership. “Each Genesys Works young professional brings commitment and a sense of excitement to the Medtronic work place.  Genesys Works and Medtronic have a strong partnership that enables high school students to learn more about information technology while providing real value to our organization.  The benefits run both ways.”

Congratulations, Kachia, on your great work and a big thank you to Vandy and the entire Medtronic organization for providing life-changing opportunities for 12 Genesys Works students.  You are truly making a difference.

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