Challenge and Camaraderie on the Spring Retreat

The yearly corporate retreat happens for a reason. When people who are used to seeing each other every day in the same office get a chance to interact in a totally new context, they can't help but form tighter bonds and come up with different ways of looking at themselves, each other, and their workplaces.

That's why about 50 Young Professionals used a brisk Friday evening in March to meet up with each other and Genesys Works staff members for a night of new experiences at the beautiful Base Camp facility in Bloomington. Students and staff alike donned helmets for rock climbing or hopped on scooters for team building games, encouraging each other and pushing themselves.

The Retreat was a success, sending all who attended refreshed and energized into spring. The friendly, fun-loving (but always professional) air of the event served as a reminder of just how fantastic this group of Young Professionals has been. It will be a great pleasure to see them bring this attitude to their postsecondary careers.

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