Team Up for Success

135 new young professionals, each with 16 hours of summer training under their belts, headed off to Minnehaha Park on a sunny June morning for Genesys Works Team Up 2011! During Genesys Works’ annual team building extravaganza, young professionals from seven different classrooms in Saint Paul and Minneapolis met their new peers and Genesys Works family. Student enthusiasm and energy from the first week of intensive professional skills and IT training burst forth in an exciting morning of human knots, blob tag, sticky snake, and much more.  The young professionals established new friendships and strengthened bonds across classrooms, schools, and cities as they each recognized their common goals: to develop the knowledge and skills to succeed as professionals, to earn a professional internship at a major corporation, and ultimately to BREAKTHROUGH!
Although the current young professionals are well into their fifth week of training, the passion and dedication from Team Up continues to shine as students encourage and push their peers closer and closer to success.  With such strong team bonds and work ethics amongst our new young professionals, there is no question that they will achieve their goals!

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