"Suit Up" Supplies Students with Professional Clothing and Smiles

Observers of the Genesys Works program often note how impressed they are with high school students who are dressed professionally and ready to engage in the corporate world. One reason for this striking image is a yearly professional clothing event that allows Genesys Works students to acquire highly professional, gently used clothing from corporate partners and friends of the organization.

This year, under the direction of Social Venture Partner’s Jennie Olson and Hanni Wenker, the event was branded “Suit Up” and was designed as a professional shopping experience. Students were greeted with a vast array of options; suits, blazers, ties, pants, and shirts in abundance. The options were well organized and Young Professionals were assisted by volunteer “personal shoppers” that helped them to pair and match the best look for them.

This event would not have been possible without the hard work and contributions of so many. Thank you to Social Venture Partners for their sponsorship as well as to all who contributed clothing. Thank you to those who volunteered their time in setting-up and providing shopping support throughout the event. Enormous thanks to Jennie and Hanni for their efforts in spearheading such an important and successful event for Genesys Works.

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