114 Drafted in the First Round

A nervous and excited energy entered Bremer Tower as 114 Genesys Works-Twin Cities young professionals gathered in the St. Paul office on Thursday morning. Many students donned the professional apparel they picked out from Suit Up and each one of them looked like they could command the attention of any board room. 

The intensity of emotion heightened as the students made their way downstairs to “Ballroom A” of the Hilton Garden Inn. When the “draft” began, the bass from energetic music provided a cadence for the students to walk down the center aisle to shake hands with representatives and supervisors of the company they have the privilege of interning with this year. The first set of students incredulously stared at the screen as their names flashed on the screen with the 3M™ logo in the center. After shaking off the initial disbelief, they tentatively made their way to the stage. After the first group of students successfully made it down the aisle, every group after that was encouraged forward with cheers, shouts and loud applause from their fellow colleagues. Our young professionals had such a great sense of accomplishment and pride in what they have earned.

Young professionals with their new gear and supervisors from Medtronic.
This was also a tremendous day for Genesys Works - Twin Cities with over 40 companies in attendance, the most involvement we have had since the inception of our program in Minnesota.  Medtronic is our largest client boasting 14 new interns. Two of our other clients, 3M and Accenture, are in the double digits as well. The growth of this life-changing program would not be possible if it were not for the involvement and support of so many corporations around the Twin Cities. Not only did the representatives get to take part in greeting their new interns, but they also received words of wisdom and best practices from current supervisors and interns. Overall, it was an exciting and rewarding day for everyone involved, and Draft Day 2011 was a success.

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  1. Wow. Sounds like a great event and I'm sorry that I miss it! I will make it a point to attend next years!