Genesys Dialogue: Lashay Thompson and Lucas Havens

What happens during the eight-week Genesys Works summer training that sets high school students up to be successful in a corporate workplace? At the end of training, Young Professional Lashay Thompson sat down with instructor Lucas Havens to talk about their answers to this question.

Lucas: What made you want to join Genesys Works?

Lashay: At first, it was because I had a friend doing it. The more I looked into it, the more I realized what a good experience the internship would be, and how much I could learn during the summer. Everyone I talked to about the program, from my friend to the staff, seemed really excited. When people around me get excited, I get excited.

Lucas: Was Genesys Works what you expected? What surprised you the most about the summer?

Lashay: How willing people are to help. There wasn't a mindset of just thinking about yourself. I could tell from the beginning that this was not "just a job" for the staff. They really care. The best part is the other students really want to help each other out as well. You're never on your own even when training is challenging.

Lucas: Do you think you've changed at all from this experience?

Lashay: I really do. I look at things more positively now.

Lucas: And that was probably the thing that was so great about working with you over the summer. It was like at a certain point you made a decision to be excited, to be as positive as you could and contribute.

Lashay: After Genesys Works, things actually started to matter to me. I started thinking, "how will this affect my future?" I never realized how much happier I could be if I decided to be positive.

Lucas: Can you talk a little about the goal you made at the beginning of the summer?

Lashay: I wanted to become more outgoing, so I made it my goal to meet 100 new people over the course of training. I met people through Genesys Works, at stores, on the elevators, or just around, and I only counted people that I had actual conversations with.

Lucas: And you accomplished this goal in eight weeks?

Lashay: Yep.

Lucas: What's next for you?

Lashay: I'm starting my internship at Cargill soon. My supervisor seems really cool, and I can't wait to do new things and meet new people. After Genesys Works, I want to become more serious about something. Maybe I'll become super passionate about network security!

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  1. Sounds great. Well done Lucas and Lashay!