New Client Spotlight: Cargill

When our Genesys Works interns reported for their first day, they began to learn how vast of a reach and how large of an impact Cargill has on the food industry. Four Genesys Works interns toured the new office buildings that comprise Cargill’s headquarters and were able to see the wide variety of jobs that it takes to run a successful multi-billion dollar business. They met their supervisors and were greeted with a smorgasbord of goodies and snacks at their cubicles. This is a Cargill tradition to encourage introductions and mingling on a new employee’s first day.

The interns have been working with their supervisors for four weeks and have reported positive experiences. Luke Hoffman, who supervises one Genesys Works intern, said, "I’m impressed by the interns' professionalism and willingness to dive into whatever tasks are assigned to them.  Our intern has continually asked for more work, which is great." Another supervisor at the Minnetonka location shares the same sentiments. "...I love the energy and eagerness that Tony has brought with him to work. You can tell that he is excited to go to work and wants to work. When he runs out of things to do, he asks what else can he do," said Lora Masteller. 

Luke also has a great piece of advice for other new clients. "Be open to it. It’s amazing what the interns can get done in the short amount of time they are here. All of us are so busy on so many different projects we forget how productive you can be when all your time is dedicated to select number of projects.  I would advise new clients to spend some time planning what you want your interns to do.  They can get a lot done and neither you nor them want them sitting around with idle time."  

One vital aspect of our program is providing our clients with young professionals that are capable and willing to work hard to contribute to the overall success of that company. We are fulfilling that goal through our partnership with Cargill and are anticipating a successful, exciting year for our interns and Cargill supervisors.

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