Target Interns Welcomed with Open Arms

Genesys Works was very pleased to establish a relationship with the IT department of one of the state’s largest employers: Target. Excitement grew as plans solidified to have two Genesys Works Young Professionals join the Target team at their Northern Campus. Seniors Ashlee Brunt (Park Center) and Abdiasis Inshar (Al-Amal) have helped to insure that the performance has lived up to expectation. Their supervisor, Clark Gooder, talks about the experience:

Wow, what a great journey! Their Genesys Works training has allowed them to progress quickly through their Target training. The Target training consisted of three weeks of class room training, two weeks of informal training where they handled calls with the support of Target team members, to working on the call center floor with the assistance of mentors.

You can see from the photo that Abdi and Ashlee’s outgoing personalities are helping them fit right in. A strength they showcase each day is communication. They speak up when they need assistance with processes, technical issues, or just with general questions. This has allowed them to grow their knowledge quickly.

Next week they have a store visit scheduled, which will continue to enhance their knowledge of the systems they support at Target.

Genesys Works thanks Target for their efforts to connect these students to meaningful work.

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