Teamwork Produces College Application Success

Applying for college is difficult. There are essays to be written, a resume to pull together, and forms to be completed. Add to this the stress of your senior year of high school and a job at a large Twin Cities corporation and it becomes downright daunting. Through hard work and good resources, Genesys Works students continue to work towards their college dreams.
Elin with her Medica team

One example of this is Armstrong High School senior Elin Xiong. After completing summer training, Elin was hired by Genesys Works to join the team at Medica where she works 20 hours per week. She knew that completing high school and having great job experience would not be enough. She has prioritized preparing for college.

Elin regularly attends Genesys Works “College and Career Connection” meetings for professional development and help in applying to college. Additionally, Elin typically attends another college access program, Admission Possible (soon to be College Possible), twice a week after work. Her AP Coach, Jessica Eilbert reveals one of the secrets to her success: “She is very diligent about finishing things she started. She doesn’t let loose ends hang.”

Elin with classmates from summer training
Her hard work has paid off. Elin has completed applications for six different schools, and more significantly, she has already started to hear back. “So far I have heard back from St. Cloud State and Mankato State. When I received the letters I was so excited! My heart was pounding faster than ever not knowing whether I was accepted or not. After reading the letters of acceptance I hopped on Facebook just as I was going to post my exciting news, I decided to keep it as my little secret (which isn’t so much of a secret anymore).”

Elin is quick to recognize the teamwork that has aided her in this journey. “Being a part of Genesys Works and Admission Possible helped me to become successful in this. Both programs helped me keep track of where I should be in the process and put my applications together. Genesys Works provided me with lots of information about the process of applying to college and attending late sessions for Admission Possible helped me get my work done. Also, thanks to the best and most helpful Genesys Works coordinator and Admission Possible coach for guiding me in the process… it would have been quite difficult to get where I am today [without their help].”

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