Five years, 1800% growth: A look at our next class

In 2008, Genesys Works - Twin Cities opened its doors with 11 Saint Paul high school students in its first class. Now, as we begin to interview the students that will become our landmark fifth class, we plan to select 200 to begin the summer training that will allow them to earn a coveted year-long corporate internship. That represents more than 18x growth over five years, a level we couldn't begin to imagine with that tiny but dedicated first class.

Since five years is an anniversary of sorts (check for more "official" announcements later in the year!), we wanted to take some time to paint a broader picture of this group of applicants. Who exactly are these high school juniors ready to commit 14 months to preparing for and experiencing the corporate workplace? Here are some frequently asked questions about the students that apply to our program.
  • How many students apply to Genesys Works?
    • This year, 634 of the most motivated young people from around the metro--our largest group yet. 
  • Where are they from?
    • We still have an extremely strong relationship with our first school partners in Saint Paul, but we have since expanded our partners greatly. This year, 44% of applicants came from Minneapolis and its suburbs. Despite strong representation from west of the Mississippi, Central High had the most applicants from a single school in GW history, with an astonishing 92 applications.
  • What attracts students to the program?
    • Quite frequently, their peers. 26% of applicants this year said they were referred to Genesys Works by a current participant in the program. It's no surprise. Students in Genesys Works gain a level of confidence and professionalism that's tough to miss in the hallways. For a more personal take, check out our recent story of why one Harding junior decided Genesys Works was right for him.
  • What will they be doing, exactly?
    • Training for eight intense weeks during the summer on business and technology skills, then working part time for one year in a major corporation. See the full list of our corporate partners here.
  • How do you get the word out?
    • Partnerships. Genesys Works exists because of its relationships with schools and corporations. When a counselor sees a student transformed over the summer, or when one of our young professionals tells their friends about the great job they have at Travelers, word starts to spread.

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