Genesys Works Will Change My Life

With over 600 motivated students from all over the metro area competing for 160 internships, we reached out to Harding High School junior Qudus Rahmon to find out why he, like many others, want to become a Genesys Works Young Professional.

How did you first hear about Genesys Works? 

I first heard about Genesys Works during a 25 minute presentation in the auditorium at my school. That's where I fell in love with Genesys Works because it'll help me build a strong resume; I can earn a PAID, IT internship; and I can train in technology and professional skills. I’ve also heard about Genesys Works through my friend Luis Moreno, a current Genesys Works student working at Bremer Bank. He motivated me and influenced me to apply. 

You were one of our very first applicants this year. What is it about Genesys Works that made you apply two months ago? 

The most specific reason that made me apply for Genesys Works two months ago is basically is that I'm really dedicated, I'm in a program called Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps(NJROTC), and that program taught me a lot of leadership skills and to be more dedicated. I'm in a high rank (Chief Petty Officer) in that program, which shows that I'm really dedicated and motivated towards everything I do. I also want to gain real world experience, such as working in companies, instead of working at a fast food restaurant. I want to show my parents and friends that I can accomplish my goal of being part of Genesys Works so I can start pursuing a professional career. Plus, my mother believes "hard work pays off", and I will continue to think about that quote everywhere I go and when I'm a part of Genesys Works.

What do you hope to get out of this program? 

I’m looking forward to the eight week training program, because that's where all the magic happens and that's where I can learn a lot of new things about technology because I love to fix computers. What I also hope to get out of this program is to strengthen my communication skills, because I love to meet new people and to be active. Most Importantly, I hope to set goals for myself and find ways to achieve them. 

How does Genesys Works fit into your future plans?

Genesys Works fits into my future plans because I'm planning on majoring in computer and electronic engineering. I would love to work with the Geek Squad at Best Buy one day because I love hands-on work such as fixing computers. I believe Genesys Works is a good step to achieve my goal. "If you believe, you can achieve," and I believe Genesys Works will change my life.

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