First College Student Set to Graduate in January

In January, we will see our first college graduate. A Young Professional from Genesys Works - Twin Cities' first class of students, Pa Yong Xiong, will be graduating a semester ahead of her peers. She is currently completing her degree in Business Management, Communications, and Conflict Studies at Hamline University. 

We sat down with Pa Yong to reflect on her experience as a Genesys Works student and hear about her goals after graduation.

What is your biggest take away from Genesys Works?
Genesys Works definitely shaped me into who I am. It taught me confidence and perseverance; I learned how to work hard. In addition, the staff has always been there; throughout my life, I have never found such a supportive group of people. I can always depend on the staff when I need a reference or a reminder. With Genesys Works on my resume and the staff supporting me, I feel confident that I can achieve anything. 

Genesys Works also helped me decide what career path I wanted to pursue. While I interned at Travelers, I got exposed to business operations, and in college, I decided to pursue it after discovering that medicine was not the best fit for me. Genesys Works helped me see a future where I can continue to build on my strengths and skills. 

From the very first Breaking Through Ceremony where I stood on stage with the other ten students, I was so proud of myself and felt so fortunate to be part of something great. Four years later, I still have the same feeling. I could not be more proud.

What are your plans after graduation?
Because I like working with and helping people, I plan to join the business sector in a role that allows me to support others and create immediate impact. I'm particularly interested in talent management and talent acquisition. In the future, I hope to one day lead a youth organization like Genesys Works, where I can provide opportunities for and empower youth. I benefited from such organizations and want to extend their programs to all youth. Currently, I am planning a conference for Hmong girls to learn about their strengths and abilities and their position in the professional world. I want them to better understand themselves and the paths they can choose from.

Give to the Max Day is coming up, why should someone donate to Genesys Works? 
Genesys Works has a powerful mission and vision. They plan for the future. They provide continuous support for people who are in the program and for those who have graduated from the program. They are invested in each and every student. The program instills courage into each participant. This courage then, turns into empowerment and students become Young Professionals who can do anything that they set their hearts to. Giving to Genesys Works means giving students an opportunity to understand the professional world, providing students with the necessary tools and skill sets to be successful, and believing that students are capable, hardworking people.

The Genesys Works staff is proud of Pa Yong and grateful to have her as the Alumni Communications Intern for the year.

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  1. Congratulations Pa Yong! You are a great role model to us current Genesys Works students!

    - Hillary Lor (Class 5)