Medtronic Interns Enjoy Luncheon with CIO

Just two months into their internships at Medtronic, high school seniors Nchatxu Vang and LaQuayila Wells didn't expect to meet the man responsible for all information technology at the company, let alone be invited to lunch with him.  It was quite a surprise when these two, along with 18 other Genesys Works Young Professionals working at Medtronic, were invited by CIO Michael Hedges for a meet and greet luncheon. 

GW students pictured with Medtronic CIO, Mike Hedges
On November 5, 2012, students put on their suits and ties and joined Mr. Hedges for food and discussion. 

After introducing himself to the students, Mr. Hedges shared his own story of professional growth and learning, one that started working in a coal mine in northern England and ultimately led to the world’s largest medical technology company. The question on every student’s mind was, how? How did Hedges get to the position he is in? His answer inspired Nchatxu: “I learned that by owning up to my mistakes and working to correct them along with taking on challenging tasks no one else wants to complete, I can be successful.” 

Senior Director of IT Services for Medtronic, Steve Arsenault, and Senior Program Director, Ray Jarosik, joined Mr. Hedges in offering words of wisdom for the Young Professionals. Students learned the value of face-to-face conversation in a world where everyone is interconnected through the internet. Young Professionals also gained insight on the importance of networking in the professional world where the people you know can help define your career. Students also had the opportunity to share their perspectives and opinions.  When Michael Hedges asked, “Which mobile phone operating system do you think is better, iOS or Android?” the room was split half-and-half.

The time spent with the CIO and senior executives from Medtronic offered students encouragement and motivation to work toward their goal of professional careers. When asked for her thoughts about the luncheon, LaQuayila stated that she felt important because the CIO and senior staff took time to build relationships with the students. She now feels a personal connection to Medtronic and is motivated to build relationships at Medtronic and take on challenging work there. 

Medtronic has played an important role in supporting youth in their professional development. In the past four years of partnering with Genesys Works, the company has provided 51 internships for economically disadvantaged high school students. See below to learn how you can get involved:

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