Just Add Variety: A Genesys Works Intern Goes Beyond Help Desk

Ayomikun “Ayo” Shosanya has always had focus. When his family emigrated from Nigeria twelve years ago, it was never even a question: he knew he had to make the most of starting over in the US. He pushed himself in school and joined a program to help him with the college admissions process. But he also knew that if he wanted to realize his dream of becoming a computer engineer, he would need something more.

So when Genesys Works accepted him into its training the summer before his senior year, Ayo’s decision to join was simply an extension of that focus—the focus to graduate from college and start a career in technology. When Ayo started his Genesys Works internship working for Accenture at Target, though, he quickly saw that he could be just as successful by expanding that sense of focus. He puts it this way “In the beginning, I had a set project. But as people saw that I was doing things quickly and successfully, they saw that they could give me more assignments and get me to work with more people.”  Now, he says, he’ll start a day by offering his comments “on a 100-slide presentation. Two hours later, I’ll be working on SAP.”
Ayomikun “Ayo” Shosanya
This willingness to be adaptable and ability to learn whatever his team needs him to do makes Ayo a real asset to Accenture, where he has received glowing performance reviews that continue to improve.

According to his supervisor Jorge Dominguez, "Ayo has continued to show his dedication to the team and professionalism through his timeliness and willingness to go above and beyond. When Ayo had a break from school, he requested to work additional hours so that he was able to get more experience. He gave up valuable free time to continue learning. Ayo’s extra help during this time enabled our team to meet critical deadlines."

Ayo credits Genesys Works with giving him a true “business experience,” where he has gotten to work on things as advanced as “a project on cultural alignment between Target and Accenture.”
Ayo also found out recently that with the help of Genesys Works, he has been accepted to University of St. Thomas with a full-tuition scholarship. He is excited for the college lifestyle (“my coworkers tell me that dorm life is something I shouldn’t miss”), but especially to start taking the engineering and computer science classes that will continue to develop the career he has started through Genesys Works.

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