WLiT Supports Genesys Works

Leah Johnson and Ayan Ahmed recently
spoke to WLiT members about 
their experiences in Genesys Works.
Women Leading in Technology (WLiT) is a program of the Minnesota High Tech Association that supports women driving, leading and enabling business through technology. WLiT has supported Genesys Works in many ways over the past few years. Their mission to fuel Minnesota’s prosperity through innovation and technology merges nicely with Genesys Works efforts to increase prosperity for economically disadvantaged high school students. Corporate internship opportunities and career mentors for Genesys Works young professionals have been identified through participation in WLiTs quarterly technology learning opportunities. These opportunities have set our students on their path towards future success. WLiT has a goal to “Connect, Educate and Reach Back” and they have certainly done that for our students! 

At the February event, two of our students, Ayan Ahmed (Al Amal High School) and Leah Johnson (Central High School), spoke to the WLiT members about their experiences as Genesys Works young professionals in the technology field. Ayan and Leah shared the ways that Genesys Works’ program has impacted them: from developing their speaking and presentation abilities, to their skills with hands-on technology, as well as helping to eliminate stereotypes about who a technology professional might be. They both expressed their desire to join the ranks of Women Leading in Technology someday. As you can imagine, the members in attendance were impressed by these talented young women, and encouraged them to attend WLiT events in the future. 
At their next quarterly event on Tuesday, May 21st, Women Leading in Technology will feature a panel discussion on the new book by Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In. The professionals from WLiT will also kick off the summer clothing drive for Genesys Works annual Suit Up program, collecting and organizing thousands of items of professional clothing that will allow our students to make a good impression on the first day of their first corporate job. 
We’d like to thank the members of WLiT for their generous support of the students and mission of Genesys Works as we work together to develop our next generation of IT leaders.

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