Young Professionals Show Thanks with Gratitude Parties

Supervisors and students at Target pose after a Gratitude Party.
Collaboration, communication, gratitude, initiative and persistence are among the values that Genesys Works young professionals develop through our program. These are the skills they will need to be successful as they progress toward a professional career. Though all of these values are important, our favorite is gratitude.  

One of the ways our students show appreciation is by planning “Gratitude Parties.” At each of our 42 Genesys Works' corporate partners, students recognize the company that sponsors them, the supervisors who mentor them, and the co-workers who provide training and supportive environments for them to grow.  The purpose of these presentations is not only to express thanks to the Genesys Works corporate partners and affiliates, but to show employees at that organization how they have grown over their yearlong internship because of the support they have received from them. This is especially important for those who do not work directly with the interns – they see what a great opportunity a Genesys Works internship is for both the student and company.

At the Target Corporation, six Genesys Works Young Professionals interning in downtown Minneapolis planned and implemented their gratitude party for 40 attendees.  These Genesys Works young professionals showed their coworkers just how much this opportunity has shaped their outlook on life and the future.  Annette Griffin, a supervisor and mentor to the students, said, “The progress of the students’ collaborative skills and ability to lead without authority was fun to watch.  It was especially interesting to see that some of the challenges they were having are exactly the same challenges we see every day in the work environment.”

In August this year, over 200 students will be placed in year-long professional internships through Genesys Works. If you are interested in adding talented IT Young Professionals to your team and one day attending a gratitude party for your own organization please contact Executive Director Jeff Tollefson at

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