Genesys Works Named Top 10 Nonprofit

St. Paul, Minn., and Washington, D.C.* -

Philanthropedia, a division of GuideStar, and Minnesota Philanthropy Partners, which supports The Saint Paul Foundation, Minnesota Community Foundation, and more than 1,700 additional charitable affiliates across Minnesota, announced the results of custom research that identifies the top 15 nonprofits working to support the education of Minnesota's at-risk youth.

Experts reviewed 119 organizations and identified 15 as performing the best when it comes to meeting their missions. Genesys Works - Twin Cities was ranked #9 on the list.
"Minnesota traditionally receives high marks in education, yet there are significant achievement gaps between white students and students of color and low-income students," said Carleen Rhodes, president and CEO of Minnesota Philanthropy Partners. "We hope that this list of high-impact nonprofits will help others find organizations that are making great strides in closing the achievement gap in Minnesota."

According to the report, "The model at Genesys Work is brilliant - meaningful internships and training coupled with an organization that has a solid earned revenue stream so that fundraising needs are minimized. They also have strong leadership."

One expert added, "I think Genesys Works is the best led, best run non-profit in the Twin Cities.  It is sustainable, perfectly scalable and makes an incredible case for why corporations should come on board as sponsors. Genesys Works has such an incredibly sustainable model. The model pays for itself and provides such a win-win for interns and corporate partners. Talk about replicability and scalability; Genesys Works is the best at both. Plus, their staff is deep, strong and passionate -- they are leaders in the Twin Cities."

Click here to read the review of Genesys Works.
*Modified from GuideStar press release.

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