Columbia Heights Experiencing Genesys Works Culture Change

Genesys Works prides itself on being a bridge between the worlds of business, education, and philanthropy. Partnerships with each of these groups are essential in helping us fulfill our mission of helping economically disadvantaged students join the economic mainstream. During the winter, the focus of our organization turns to our partnerships with schools. Genesys Works staff members have been braving the cold to be at high schools throughout the Twin Cities, developing relationships, and recruiting students to participate during the upcoming summer and school year.

What are the benefits of Genesys Works for our partner schools? 
Dan Wrobleski, Principal of Columbia Heights High School, has seen a big change at his school. Columbia Heights started its partnership with Genesys Works in 2010 with only two students. Because of the hard work of the school staff and young professionals, 24 students started internships at Genesys Works this year - that's 12% of the school's senior class!

Columbia Heights has a core group of Genesys Works students wearing their corporate badges and modeling professionalism in their high school every day. Underclassmen look up the Genesys Works interns, who stand out because they dress professionally, and aspire to join the program themselves.

"We appreciate the opportunity to partner with Genesys Works. Our school is experiencing the Genesys Works culture change," said Dan at the Breaking Through Ceremony.

This year's goals
Through champions of the program such as Dan and the Columbia Heights High School work-based learning teacher Scott Roehm, Genesys Works is able to reach students who are a good fit for the program.

We are currently recruiting a class of 280 students to begin summer training in June. Applicants must be current high school juniors, on track for graduation, and have the motivation and dedication to break through barriers in their lives to college and have a successful professional career.

If you know potential Genesys Works Young Professional, encourage them to visit our website to apply today. The deadline is March 19.

Watch Dan Wrobleski accept the 2013 ACHIEVER Award for outstanding school partner.

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