Genesys Works - Twin Cities kicks off relationship with Dell in Eden Prairie

As 2011 drew to a close, Genesys Works - Twin Cities staff and young professionals visited Dell Compellent headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN to engage with employees and celebrate the beginning of an unprecedented volunteer partnership. Dell Compellent employees will engage with Genesys Works students over the course of 2012 to help students develop their interviewing skills, "Suit Up" for their internships, and become well-rounded young professionals.

On December 22, Six Genesys Works students shared their stories in a lunchtime panel as 50 Dell employees asked them questions to learn more about their lives and experiences with the program. The energy and outcomes surpassed expectations. As Genesys Works - Twin Cities Executive Director Jeff Tollefson put it:

“The level of interaction and meaningful dialogue between Dell employees and Genesys Works students was incredible. I came away from the experience not only with a strong sense of pride in the level of maturity and professionalism exhibited by our young professionals, but also feeling that eyes were opened as to what today’s youth are capable of when provided with meaningful opportunities. I wish we could do this every week at every client company!”

Genesys Works students and staff alike left with a feeling of deep gratitude for the partnership, and especially to Dell Compellent employees Sara Mesarchik, Scott Coulter, and Phil Soran for their continued support of the program.

Browse past the jump for a photo diary of the afternoon's events.

While posing with Sara Mesarchik, CEO Phil Soran, and Scott Coulter from Dell, young professional Christian Garcia shows off the Top Gun Certification he's earned as an intern at Dell Compellent.
Dell Compellent CEO Phil Soran introduced Genesys Works and the six students who would be presenting.

Nearly 50 Dell employees packed into the event at its peak... standing room only! 

Young professional Samira discussed her experience on the job as well as college plans.

Dillon, a Genesys Works young professional working at Dell Compellent, spoke energetically about how welcome his new colleagues have made him feel.

Congratulations were in order for all these six have accomplished on the job and in their lives since joining Genesys Works.

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