Genesys Works Alum Jennifer Viveros on Women in IT

Jennifer Viveros understands that a first impression only takes seven seconds. She recognizes the importance of a good handshake. To her, networking is not simply something you do on Facebook with your friends; it is building relationships that “may be the first step towards your dream.” And along with all of these elements, Jennifer sees how the knowledge and experience gained during her time with Genesys Works and Bremer Financial, where she interned, helped move her in a direction she did not expect: pursuing a professional career in information technology.

“My decision of joining Genesys Works was mostly because of my interest in business. I never imagined this experience was going to get me into the IT world,” Viveros explained about her reasoning for participating in Genesys Works.  “My current plan is to major in Computer Science and Mathematics. My career aspiration after college is to work in an IT department, but not as an intern, as the CIO.”

Viveros, right, examines the inside of a tower with her peers
Viveros is currently attending Gustavus Adolphus College in Saint Peter, Minnesota, where her passion for IT is continuing to flourish. She reminisced that her transition from Genesys Works to college IT course work was not as smooth as she thought it would be. Coming from the Genesys Works program, whose typical population consists of 50 percent or more females working in IT to Gustavus’ Computer Science program, which is very much male-dominated, was quite intimidating.

“I was really afraid because mostly everyone (males) knew about the subject and I didn’t. I was about to drop the class, but then decided to try. It was worth it because I currently love my major.” Viveros went on to make a call to her fellow women to join her in the IT world, stating “girls who are interested in the IT world and feel passionate about it should go for it. They shouldn’t give up ... because they feel they don’t know much about it.”

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