Why I Serve on the Genesys Works Board of Directors

By Mike Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney and Genesys Works Board Member

As Hennepin County Attorney, I see many youth in crisis in my professional life.  Many of them have very troubled home lives, some do poorly in school if they attend at all and some commit criminal acts.  But serving on the Genesys Works - Twin Cities Board of Directors and having Genesys Works Young Professionals work here in this office gives me great hope and excitement about our upcoming generation.

First, the Young Professionals are bright, hard working and inspirational.  Our IT people love these students for their hard work and enthusiasm.  Many attorneys in our office specifically ask for the Genesys Works interns to work on their computers both because they are very professionally competent, but also because they are so full of energy and hope.

Additionally, the Genesys Works Board of Directors works hard and very thoughtfully to make the Genesys Works experience possible for as many youth as possible, and the Genesys Works staff, all of them, are positive people who care deeply about our youth.  

Genesys Works gives me great hope and inspiration.  Thanks for all you do for the Hennepin County Attorney's Office and for me personally.

Markeisha Jones, Genesys Works alum, assists Mike Freeman at his desk

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