A Mother's Thanks

Each year, Genesys Works puts together a Family Night, during which young professionals bring their parents, siblings, and friends into our downtown training facilities to learn a little bit more about their experience in the program. We get the opportunity to converse with parents again at our annual Breaking Through Ceremony. Apart from those interactions, we believe our students should advocate for themselves; we rely on them to keep their families, especially parents, informed about their internships, college application processes, and overall, their time at Genesys Works. Hence, we are delighted when we hear from parents about what the program has done for their children. Below, we share some words of gratitude from a proud mother.

To the Genesys Works Family and Staff:

I am very excited to share in the success of Genesys Works!  Greater success for the program equals more opportunities for our children.  I am very proud of my daughter Ashlee Brunt.  By coming through the program, she has developed and matured into a business minded young adult, and has learned to grasp at opportunities that she never saw possible.

Ashlee (left) celebrated her mom Mechille's birthday by buying her dinner with her paycheck from Genesys Works!
I love that there is an opportunity for our children to see what it is like to gain employment, learn business skills, meet professional workers in different careers, and pursue college with a goal in mind.  As a single mother, it can be hard to teach your child job skills without the help of programs like Genesys Works and I hope to send all of my daughters into the program.

Keep up the good WORK!

Mechille Battle
Proud Mother of Ashlee Brunt

Ashlee is employed as a Genesys Works intern at Target Corporation. Her mother was one reason why she is part of our program. Hear about how her mom introduced her to the program in a short clip from our 2011 Breaking Through Ceremony.

We would like to thank all the parents and family members who have been supportive of our students. Your continuous encouragement and understanding is what helps our students succeed.

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