Alliant Techsystems Engages Genesys Works College Students

If you had a short time frame to roll out more than 300 computers, who would you depend on to complete the project? Alliant Techsystems (ATK) needed workers with flexible work hours and experience. ATK Lead Desktop Support Engineer Steve Dorr looked to Genesys Works, who quickly filled the three part-time positions with college students who have had at least a year’s experience working on similar projects when they were Genesys Works Young Professionals.

Since joining the team in November, the three college students have been responsible for the entire PC deployment process. They perform the backups, replace monitors and accessory equipment, execute the restores on the new equipment, install additional software as needed, and assist the users with questions or issues with their new equipment. 

After just a few weeks, Dorr was ready to express his satisfaction with the Genesys Works college students: “They are absolutely wonderful. They are very hard workers, being pulled many directions and they take it all in stride and want to do more. I am so impressed with them. They are working well with the existing staff and also are very good at doing things independently. I believe that they are better than any contractors I would have gotten from a contracting firm.” In a follow-up email, he responded with the same positivity: “The college students are excellent listeners and have great customer service skills. I have gotten great feedback and comments back from the PC recipients on these workers. It has been great having them in meetings getting feedback from them. They have improved our process, and helped to shorten the time it takes to deploy new PC’s.” 

When asked if he would consider engaging more Genesys Works college students in the future, Dorr enthusiastically answered, “Absolutely! This has been a great experience with terrific results. I have enjoyed working with the college students and they have been a very important and significant part of our project.” 

Current high school interns, Alanna Patterson and Tovaun Stallings, with ATK supervisors Steve Dorr and Rick Egge.
Prior to their call for additional support, ATK took on two Young Professionals in August. The current high school interns have been providing a wide variety of skills, including technical, planning, and communication skills to Dorr’s group. As hoped, the growth and learning that the current interns have obtained at ATK allowed them to provide leadership guidance for the college students as they joined the team. 

ATK has benefited from both the current Genesys Works high school interns and college students. Similarly, the interns and college students have had the opportunity to develop professionally as well as earn money to help support their families and afford college. Engaging both current Genesys Works program participants and college students is a win-win for all involved. 

Upon completion of the Genesys Works high school internship program, 97% of the students have gone on to enroll in college. While attending college, they remain closely connected with Genesys Works as program staff guides students towards college graduation. With the Genesys Works year-long internship experience, students are more eager to connect with companies that are taking on college students.

If you have an opportunity at your company for college students, consider engaging with Genesys Works students. Please contact Executive Director Jeff Tollefson at for more information.

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